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The idea behind this guide is to compute the stress state of a material with given strain history data. By means of computation we will try to produce accurate stress vs strain figures, that will sufficiently match the generally observed characteristics during experiments. The first part of the course will present 1D material modeling with basics, but also a more advanced Ramberg-Osgood hardening model. Next, we will create basic material models for 3D, where tensor calculus will be applied. The capstone exercise described in this eBook is about a simple nonlinear quasi-static FEM example, where we will investigate elastoplasticity in 1D two-truss element system.

In this eBook, we describe in some detail:

  • One Dimensional Material Models
    • Hyperelastic Material
    • Ideal Elastoplastic Material
    • Elastoplastic Material with Linear Isotropic Hardening
    • ...
    • Nonlinear Hardening - Ramberg-Osgood Model
  • Three Dimensional: Elastoplasticity with Linear Isotropic and Kinematic Hardening
  • Finite Element Method Application

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Model Files for the Tutorials and Examples in the eBook – Learn Modeling of Elastoplastic Materials with Altair Compose

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