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Model Files for the Tutorials and Examples in the eBook – A Guide to Learn Math, Scripting, Data Analysis and Visualisation with Altair Compose 

This study guide aims to provide a fundamental introduction into "Math, Scripting, Data Analysis & Visualization" with Compose. The book is written for users new to "programming" but also for the expert new to Altair Compose.

Altair Compose provides engineers, scientists and product creators a high level, multi-language programming environment which enables you to efficiently perform numerical computations, develop algorithms, analyze & visualize various types of data. It supports multiple languages such as Tcl or Python and offers OML (Open Matrix Language) a matrix-based numerical computing language for all types of math from solving matrix analysis, differential equations to performing signal analysis and control design. It is a programming environment that allows you to build your script and debug them.

In this eBook, we will describe in some detail:

  • Introduction to Compose
  • Basic Commands, Data Type and Mathematical Operators
  • Commands for Math and Curve Fitting
  • Vector and Matrices
  • Plot Attributes and Handle Management
  • Expressions, Logic and Looping
  • Strings, files and I/O
  • Functions and Debugging
  • Higher Level Commands
  • Statistics
  • Control Systems
  • Interfacing with Other languages
  • and others.

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