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This study guide aims to provide a basic introduction into the exciting and challenging world of explicit Finite Element Analysis.
Hereby, the focus will be on aspects of crash simulation. As with with our other eBooks, we deliberately kept the theoretical aspects
as short as possible. Instead, we concentrated on providing information a new RADIOSS user typically needs (or is interested in)
to get started.

The chapter entitled: Explicit Analysis - Some Fundamentals is meant to provide a rather high-level introduction into the topic. More
detailed information about e.g. element formulations in RADIOSS, time step control, or interfaces/contact formulations is then
provided in subsequent chapters. The included excercises related to the modeling and analysis of a crash tube, a crash bumper,
a crash box (of a student racing car) and a three point bending analysis hopefully help to better understand the basic concepts.
Eventually, you can test your RADIOSS skills (“crash knowledge”) by working on the Capstone projects “Cell Phone Drop” and “Roof Crush”.
In order to help you get a better understanding of an explicit analysis, the exercises go beyond the standard click-and-go approach.

  • We also included a series of newly recorded videos (author Rahul Rajan) which cover most of the topics addressed in this book.
  • Thanks to Simon Križnik ( for revising this third edition

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