Designing Composite Components for Tomorrow’s Multi-Material Vehicles Webinar Series (recorded Webinars)

Altair presents a series of webinars focused on the opportunities and challenges for automotive engineers as they seek to integrate plastics into mixed material vehicle designs. The series will not only describe the effectiveness of Altair’s CAE software solutions to model and optimize vehicle, system and component performance, but include insights from industry experts on a range of related issues. The last webinar will feature James Salerno and Jakie Rehkopf from Plasan Carbon Composites talking about the implementation of  carbon fiber composites in the automotive Industry, followed by Giuseppe Resta on how to reduce vehicle’s weight and increase performance with HyperWorks

Tomorrow’s Mixed Material Vehicles
Dr. Jay Baron will introduce the series and a preview of the other webinars in this series will be given by Giuseppe Resta: Click here to view recording

Simulating Composites
Thermoplastic overmolded continuous fiber structures presented by Kipp Grumm from BASF and modeling composite materials using HyperMesh and HyperView presented by Uli Gollwitzer. Click here to view recording

Case studies and observations
From Philip Kosarek (Altair ProductDesign) and a review of the latest joining methods from Dr. George Ritter (EWI): Click here to view recording

Optimizing Composites
Giuseppe Resta will describe the use of HyperWorks to reduce the weight and increase the performance of components plus a summary of advanced automotive composites manufacturing techniques: Click here to view recording