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Click on the respective images below to view the following videos …

How to create a mouse using Make Manifold


Associative Dimensioning and Plotting


Description of the Extend surface tool


How to model and export a watch into the VET format


Blending two surfaces


How to create a sport car body


Point editing on parametric objects


Boolean operators and Round


How to create a bottle using Lathe, Lattice, and Trim

Filletting a tube

Linear stretch, materials, lights and rendering

Birail, Round and how to apply different materials on the same surface

Use Birail, Trim and Blend to get a hurled surface

Parametric objects and Construction History

Replicating an object along a surface

Attach a surface border to the edge of another surface, with an optional tangency incident angle

Closing a hole with Blend surfaces and 3side

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  • How to Obtain Neon Light Effects
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