Global Electric Vehicle Challenge

We at Altair are very excited to be an official partner of the Global Electric Vehicle Challenge. The Altair CAE suite with its leading edge simulation technology in the fields of light weight design, aerodynamics, safety, manufacturing, electromagnetics and in combination with our passion for motorsports, teaching and technical support will help you design the difference.

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The Global Electric Vehicle Challenge ® (GEVC) is the newest international university competition organized by Global EEE that raises the bar in terms of technology, innovation and engineering skills. Student teams will design, build, test and race high performance formula-style electric racecars.

The competition spans approximately 17 months and is comprised of the following two stages:

Stage 1: Design, analysis, simulation and virtual race
Stage 2: Vehicle construction, testing and racing on an exciting grand prix circuit

Judging will be conducted for each stage separately and awards granted accordingly. Teams may participate in one of the two stages or both.

Find more details about Global Electric Vehicle Challenge at: Global Electric Vehicle Challenge

Are you part of a student team participating in the GEVC competition? The below collection of tutorials, videos, and reading material will give you insight into different CAE techniques, how these techniques work, and how these techniques may be used to design a better GEVC Car.

Simulation-driven Design with SimSolid

Tutorials on how to use SimSolid for Designing student car components.

Simulation-driven Design with Inspire

Tutorials on how to use Inspire for Designing Electric Vehicle components.

Analysis with HyperWorks

Tutorials on how to use HyperWorks for Designing student car roll cage and other vehicle components.


Comprehensive Webinar Series held for Student Teams Covering All Technologies