Impact Design Europe presents Crash Cad Calculate and Cross Section Creator

Crash CAD Calculate (CCC) is a unique software for design and optimization of thin walled beam cross sections in a user friendly 2D environment.

CCC is based on the macro element methodology and is especially useful at early stages of the design process when fast assessment of various structural configurations substantially speeds up the product development process. Thanks to the simplified modeling approach and very fast calculation process the methodology is beneficial for both manual and automatic optimization routines.

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Cross Section Creator (CSC) enriches the functionalities and capabilities of Crash Cad Calculate by providing the possibility of fast and easy extraction of cross sections from an imported mesh model. CSC offers a user friendly 3D environment which allows for the import of a FE model and creation of cross sections after a simple, 3-click operation. Such cross sections can be then transferred into the Crash Cad Calculate 2D environment, where further calculations and optimization routines can be done.

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Industry Applications

CCC is widely used within the automotive and rail industries and can also be applied to any other industry where energy absorption of beam constructions is crucial.

Product Interfaces

Crash Cad Calculate has interfaces with Altair's HyperMesh and RADIOSS

About Impact Design Europe

Impact Design Europe specializes in development of unique CAE software for design and optimization of thin walled cross sections of beams.