Internship : Simulation platform for Automotive Radars

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Context :


Automotive radars are becoming standard equipment on vehicles. Their purpose is to adjust the distance between vehicles and/or alert the driver when dangerous situations arise. Since 2010, the safety functions became more and more important and included in the last automotive standards (ex: EURONCAP) for 5 stars’ level. Automotive OEM’s are now moving to include several safety systems covered by several sensors to reach the 5 stars’ level safety standards. New functions have been considered to assist the driver avoiding accidents due to several scenarios on the road. Mainly the new ADAS systems are: LCA, BSD, pedestrian recognition, collision avoidance and pre-crash function, cross traffic alert and parking assist. These systems are based mainly on MIMO radars using DBF (Digital Beam Forming) architectures.



Meeting the challenge :


In order to validate the ADAS sensor integration on vehicles and the good safety system behavior when facing critical scenarios, more than 200Kh of on road tests are required. Such tests are high cost and not compatible with green solutions. The new challenge today is to validate several tests through mathematical modelling and numerical simulation. ALTAIR is one of the leaders on the market, offering several tools for different simulation levels and targeting different domains including ADAS applications. Compose and Activate are basic 0D and 1D tools for mathematical modelling and radar signal processing chain blocks. FEKO is a 3D electromagnetic tool that will play a major role for the sensor design and integration on vehicle. The generated fields from vehicle bumper are used as an input for the wave propagation on a real-time (transient) road scenario using WINPROP tool. The development of adaptive cruise control (ACC) relies on a deep understanding of the radar channel between the car and its environment. Simulations of this radio channel help to improve the algorithms for angle and distance estimation.


Objectives :


The aim of this training is to develop a radar platform coupling several tools on defined ADAS scenario to calculate several radar parameters :


  • Radar range and budget link
  • Phase patterns and phase error
  • Angular detection using MIMO radar principles
  • Amplitude patterns
  • Doppler shift
  • Radar coverage vs targets RCS (Pedestrians, cars, trucks, ….)
  • Signal processing and basic radar architecture blocks


A predefined scenario will be used to feed this platform. This scenario will include the vehicle model, the wave propagation channel, the radar antenna architecture and the integration scheme.




Profil ciblé :


  • Engineering school or Master 2 level  : Telecommunications / Signal processing or Radar
  • Skills :
    • Signal processing
    • Radar theory and principles
    • Tools skills:  Matlab or equivalent


Contract : Internship


Localisation : Antony, France (92)


Starting date : ASAP for 6 months