What Interns Say …


University: Clemson University
Pursuing Degree: Bachelors of Science – Mechanical Engineering
Dates of Internship: May – August 2012

My story: My summer was mainly focused on creating and updating computer scripts for various clients. This allowed me to apply classroom knowledge and learned what it meant to be a true problem solver, while gaining experience in business interactions. These tasks culminated in a large project for a major car manufacturer where I worked with numerous mentors, managers, and another intern to significantly reduce the preparation time for the analysis process of an entire car model.

The impact: Day-to-day interactions with engineers, managers, and other Altair employees broadened my understanding of the work place. My internship has even affected my habits in school, as I am a more organized and team-oriented student now.

Best perks of being an Altair intern: Altair will not treat you as anything less than an engineer. Every day you will be pushed with real engineering projects rather than menial tasks, or worse, no work at all.

Internship achievement I’m most proud of: I had the opportunity to lead a training session for the engineers at Rolls-Royce.

Life lessons learned as intern: I was raised in a very homogenous community with very little international interaction. My experience at Altair allowed me to interact and form close relationships with people from around the world.

Pavel Yurevich
University: Brigham Young University
Pursuing Degree: Bachelors of Science-Mechanical Engineering
Dates of Internship: May 2012 – August 2012

My story: I mainly worked on writing scripts for companies in need of customizing their HyperWorks experience. I interacted with clients, understood their needs, and increased efficiency within their respective areas. With the help of other Altair employees, I was able to enhance my understanding of programming, perfect my knowledge of FEA, and discover many concrete applications of the theoretical knowledge that I acquired in school.

The impact: Interning at Altair really helped me define my goals more clearly and prepare for a successful career in the field of engineering. While at Altair, I felt like a regular employee because I worked on real projects with experienced engineers. I was able to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and not only grow professionally but also personally.

Best perks of being an Altair intern: I didn’t feel like an intern. I felt like a full time member of the Altair team. When I would present ideas, I knew that others listened and valued my contributions.

Life lessons learned as intern : Although the university I attend is across the globe from home and I am used to being in a new place, it was still exciting and a little challenging to leave the comforts of a familiar place and start an adventure somewhere else.
Favorite project highlight: My favorite project involved automating analysis set-up for a full-car model. I literally worked through the whole car almost part-by-part, writing scripts and designing the process that would help customers significantly reduce time spent on preparation for an analysis.

Murielle Smith

University: Georgia Institute of Technology
Pursuing Degree: Industrial Engineering with a minor in Computer Science
Internship Dates: May 2012 – August 2012
(Currently working part-time at Altair)

My story: I started off writing documentation of APIs and ended the summer writing example scripts. The techniques I have learned at Altair have helped me become a better coder and taught me to keep pushing through tasks, even when they seem impossible.

The impact: I was lucky enough to have an amazing boss, who was able to help and teach me software development – no matter how many questions I asked. After working the entire summer, I realized that I could truly see myself working in the computer science field, which solidified my decision to minor in computer science.

Favorite project highlight: Writing example scripts.

Best perks of being an Altair intern: The dress code is less formal, and everyone is willing to help you succeed.

Life lessons learned as intern: Keep trying and pushing through a small task, and you’ll find that you can succeed. Take big tasks and break them into small, more manageable tasks. This way they are less overwhelming.

Charles Charles_Mortished

University: Swansea University

Pursuing Degree: Engineering Doctorate (EngD), Simulation Based Product Design: Crash Analysis for Concept Vehicle Design

Dates of Internship: October 2012 – September 2016

My story: So far, I have been with Altair for nearly a year out of my four year placement. I am conducting research in conjunction with Swansea University developing methodology for analysis of automotive crash during the concept design phase. During my time at Altair I have also worked on several live projects which have allowed me to experience what working as an engineer is like and given me insight in to the types of challenges that need to be overcome in an industrial setting.

The impact: Undertaking my research located in the Altair offices has allowed me to treat my studies as more of a job and has helped develop my work ethic. So far my experiences in Altair have more than confirmed my interest in finite element analysis as a career choice.

Best perks of being an Altair intern: Access to a wealth of industry knowledge as well as relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

Internship achievement I’m most proud of: Being part of a live concept crash model build.

Life lessons learned as intern/researcher: Since starting in Altar I have had the opportunity to develop professional skills such as report writing, presenting and time planning. These things are invaluable and have different styles in both industry and academia.

Andre IMG_1855

University: University Institute of Technology of Rennes in France
Pursuing Degree: Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering
Dates of Internship: April – July, 2013

My story: My placement at Altair UK this summer marks the end of my undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering at the University Institute of Technology of Rennes in France.

The impact: This placement was a great opportunity for me to use all the structural analysis knowledge I learned at school. I have also improved my English language skills by living in England.

Best perks of being an Altair intern: At Altair I increased my knowledge on finite element analysis techniques such as meshing, optimisation, and crash analysis using HyperWorks. I had the opportunity to work as part of a team to carry out project work. The first project was about preparing and running a coach or bus model for a roll-over analysis for a bus manufacturer, and the second project was about reducing the weight of a car component for an automotive OEM.

Internship achievement I’m most proud of: Preparing and running a full vehicle roll-over analysis.

Life lessons learned as intern/researcher: I learned about the way an engineering company works, by making plans for a project, sharing details with customers, etc.

Jonathan Jonathan

University: University of Leeds
Pursuing Degree: PhD
Duration of project: 2013-2016
Title of Project: MDO Methodology for Incorporation of Crashworthiness Requirements in Aircraft Design
Project Partners: Altair, University of Leeds, German Aerospace Center (DLR)

My story:
After my Masters in Computational Mechanics I was looking for job opportunities. I was already thinking about doing a PhD but decided to start my career off in the industry. I had been in contact with Altair during my Master’s thesis for Swedish packaging company Tetra Pak and managed to get an employment in the Swedish branch. My first year with Altair was a continuation of my master’s degree project at Tetra Pak and was more research than actual project work. It was both challenging and awarding getting to work closely to the experts in machine design at Tetra Pak and taking on a role as supporting simulation engineer as a newly graduated engineer.

After my first year I had the opportunity to gain experience abroad by traveling to Germany and the UK for a full year and work in the wind power and automotive industry. In the UK I came in contact with Multi-Disciplinary Optimization (MDO) through various automotive projects and found it very interesting. When I later on received an offer to pursue a PhD in MDO it was an easy choice to make.

The impact:
The project is a part of the Marie Curie, ITN, PEOPLE programme, AMEDEO where 13 research projects will be carried out towards the same goal of reducing environmental impact of air travel through Multi-Disciplinary Optimisation.

In the same pace as the demand for air travel is growing the environmental impact increases as well. To counter the effect of this, more efficient, lighter weight structures needs to be designed and hence the requirement for efficient optimization techniques are growing to reduce more weight in less time. The emphasis of the project will be to address one of the most time consuming and non-linear simulation types, namely crash, and develop an efficient process to include crash evaluations in Multi-Disciplinary Optimization.

Best perks of being an Altair employee:
The main perks of being an Altair employee includes working with varied and interesting projects in a lot of different industries, having access to a massive base of knowledge through the close contact between offices worldwide and a friendly atmosphere in the office.

Achievements I’m most proud of:
– Development of techniques for simulating Ultra-Sonic Welding process in the packaging industry.
– Various successful automotive optimisation projects that has had great impact on the vehicle program.
– Development of intuitive pre-processor for Multi-Disciplinary Optimisation for the automotive industry.

Life lessons learned as researcher
– The main difference between working as a Project Engineer and as a Researcher is that you don’t always know what the goal or even the next step is going to be. It can be frustrating but also very interesting.
– Nothing is impossible, it will just take a bit longer than expected to find a work-around.

University: Arts et Métiers ParisTech, France
Pursuing Degree: MSc. in Mechanical Engineering
Dates of Internship: June-September 2013

My story: I wanted to experience how design offices concretely manage their product development, of which one of the most challenging components is weight reduction and stress analysis. Altair is a really good choice to perform such analyses in the field of transport.

The impact: This placement confirmed the idea I already made myself of my future career in the field of product development. It is very rewarding to work on many different projects. I have gained knowledge in the application of finite element analysis for aircraft and car designs.

Best perks of being an Altair intern:
First, it is a real pleasure to work with enthusiastic, forward-thinking colleagues of many different nationalities in a friendly atmosphere, as well as having the opportunity to speaking English every day.
I would also like to highlight the fact that I was quite impressed by the full potential of finite elements which I was not completely aware of at university, thus opening my mind to how much products can be optimized.

Internship achievements I’m most proud of:
• Establishment of models for several parts of a supercar project from a prestigious racing cars manufacturer to perform stress analyses for various load cases.
• Modeling of an aircraft seat to check crash impact resistance and static load cases.
Life lessons learned as intern/researcher:
The success and the duration of a project is significantly impacted by the quality of information provided by the customers and the communication between engineers and customers.


University: University of Rennes 1, Brittany, France

Pursuing Degree:  University Technology Diploma, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (DUT GMP)

Dates of internship: April – June 2014

My story: I’m a young French student who wanted to achieve a work placement in the field of mechanical engineering and to improve my English level in the same time. I found my 10-week internship with Altair thanks to my English professor, Mrs Grall.

The impact: I needed to realize a work placement in order to earn my diploma. I learned to use HyperMesh, HyperCrash, OptiStruct and HyperView applications from HyperWorks, and the software is really state-of-the-art.

Best perks of being an Altair intern: I performed my placement at the Leamington Spa, UK office so I could speak with many people and learn a lot of things about CAE and simulation.

Internship achievements I’m most proud of: During my work placement, I helped a research engineer on a project about design of a helicopter cross-beam. My mentor Jerome in Altair Product Design also helped me do optimization on train seating components during my last week.

Life lessons learned as intern: In France, professors said to me that learning English is necessary for my future work, and once I arrived at Altair, I understood the importance of the language. If I have another chance to come to the UK for a placement, I will do it because it was a very good experience. Moreover, there was a nice atmosphere in the office, and I was integrated into the Altair team very quickly.