HyperWorks Seminars

Altair offers trainings on a regular basis regarding  HyperMesh, HyperView, RADIOSS, HyperStudy, OptiStruct, and our manufacturing solutions, etc.

Whenever possible, we strongly recommend attending such seminars: You’ll learn much more than the philosophy of the various CAE applications.

Based on our experiences we know that your investment (mainly in terms of time and travelling) will pay off within a very short period of time.

Note: The HyperWorks seminar fee is highly discounted – sometimes even waived.

Check the Altair website (HyperWorks/support/training)  or contact your local Academic Acccount Manager for more information about training contents and dates.

We’re pleased to welcome you to one of our trainings.


Alternatively, we’re very open to provide highly discounted seminars (typically 1 day up to 2 days) at your campus. We request a miminum of about 15 attendees. Additional HyperWorks licences will be made available.

For details please contact your local Altair Academic Account Manager.