LW Finder

LW Finder is for structures that are expected to have a relatively linear relationship between load and measured strain. The Extra Errors module provides additional support for structures with non-linear effects, such as plastic deformation. LW Finder is able to compensate for non-linear behavior in the structure and can be configured to take into account the properties of an individual strain measurement setup. Click Here to Learn More ...

Additionally, this software allows the user to prioritize the load cases that have minimum error and selects gauge locations accordingly. Finally, the error prediction allows the engineer to know ahead of time if the test will give data of sufficient quality. This means better risk management and fewer disruptions to the project schedule due to unexpectedly bad test results.



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About LW Engineering Software AB

LW Engineering was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015. The company makes software tools for the vehicle and heavy equipment industries. The main product, LW Finder, provides accuracy and control when using strain gauges to measure structural loads. It finds the best locations to place strain gauges and predicts measurement error. For additional information, please visit www.lwengineeringsoftware.com.