Part Engineering presents Converse and S-Life FKM

CONVERSE is an easy-to-use software that bridges the gap between injection molding simulation and mechanical simulation.

CONVERSE has a variety of mapping capabilities including but not restricted to fiber orientation, weldlines, pressures, temperatures, thickness and stresses. It exports the data in a ready-to-use FE input deck for the particularly supported solver and for the built-in material model of that solver.

S-Life FKM is a static and fatigue strength software for the assessment of FEA results according to the FKM guideline.

S-Life FKM is a software that enables an easy and automatic assessment of FEM simulation results according to the German FKM guideline. The software is used as a postprocessor. With S-Life FKM at the push of a button the computed stresses will be processed in such a way that an assessment of the static and fatigue strength according to the FKM guideline is carried out. The scope of application is restricted to steel, cast iron and aluminum materials. As result of the assessment the static and cyclic utilization ratios will be displayed as contour plot.

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About PART Engineering

PART Engineering provides CAE software and services in the scope of FEA. Our mission is to enable our customers to gain more value from their FE simulations and to make their CAE processes more efficient. With regard to that from our years of experience in CAE we have developed software products, such as CONVERSE to meet the needs of CAE engineers – creating reliable results by using simple and robust applications.