Competitions & Sponsorship Information

Engineering students that participate in international collegiate design competitions gain invaluable experience in project management, teamwork, communication, design and manufacturing processes. We support many student teams that demonstrate their engineering skills in other competitions such as, for instance, Shell Eco-marathon (Altair is a global Partner) Formula SAE , Baja SAE , Clean Snowmobile Challenge, Global Solar Challenge, SAE Aero Design Challenge , ENLIGHTEN etc.

Altair strongly believes that the "Lessons Learned" by participating students are very important, not only for  the students but also for the global engineering community. For over 20 years Altair has proudly sponsored and supported competitive student teams with software, training, in person support, and much more. Free academic (full-featured) licenses are available to individual students, as well as team licenses. With Altair University sponsorship, your team will gain access to the entire suite of products to help you: Get it right at the first time, Reduce design time, Minimize vehicle weight, Optimize aerodynamics, Optimize vehicle handling

Learn how to Design Baja SAE cars with Altair Software

Learn how to Design FSAE Cars with Altair Software

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