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Crash Simulation

Below we compiled some tutorials (in fact, older ones) about crash simulation with RADIOSS.   Crash-Box Analysis Front Crash Box System Altair HyperCrash: Highly-tuned Modeling Environment for Crash and Safety Analysis  Crash Analysis Model Set-up RADIOSS Submodeling Dropping Car You … Read More

MotionView / MotionSolve now part of the free Student Edition

Altair® MotionSolve® is an Integrated solution to analyze and optimize multi-body system performance. Through extensive customer partnership, MotionSolve is thoroughly validated for quality, robustness and speed. Based on superior numerical methods and scalable formulations, MotionSolve offers powerful modeling, analysis, visualization … Read More

New tutorial: Crash bumper analysis

The following steps are discussed: Geometry meshing with HyperMesh Mesh preparations and modifications with HyperCrash Material creation and assignment Property creation and assignment Welding Mirror to full model Global contact definition Load case creation Model check Start of simulation   … Read More

The Challenge of Crashworthiness for Composites Cars

It doesn’t seem so long ago that passenger safety and vehicle crashworthiness were the battleground where automakers differentiated their products. Now, as many OEMs have created product development systems that rely of a CAE-driven strategy to deliver excellent passive safety … Read More

Coupling simulations: A simple way to increase results accuracy

Erwan Beauchesne  Software Development Manager, Manufacturing Technology at Altair Coupling simulations from different domains is becoming increasingly important, considering the evolution of CAE toward multi-physics problems. As an example, utilizing residual stress/strain as well as thinning information from metal-forming simulation is … Read More