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Formula SAE Michigan 2017: Innovating to Win

This year 109 teams gathered in Brooklyn, Michigan to participate in the Formula SAE® competition. Together, members of each dedicated team design, build, and test a small, Formula-style competition vehicle. In just four days, a year worth of laborious preparation … Read More

TUfast Ecoチーム、CAEソフトウェアを活用し世界新記録を樹立

TUfast Ecoチームの概要 ミュンヘン工科大学(Techinical University Munich)のTUfast Ecoチームは様々な専門分野の学生約30人が所属する車両開発チームです。同チームはエネルギー効率の良い車両の製作に特化し、毎年複数の大会に出場しています。 1. 軽量化への挑戦 TUfast Ecoチームは、学生が自ら構想、設計、開発、製造した車両のエネルギー効率を競う国際大会の一つであるシェルエコマラソンにチーム設立の2011年以来毎年出場しています。燃費の良い車両を開発するのに最も大事な要素の一つは重量であり、TUfast Ecoチームのメンバーは常に車両の軽量化を追求しています。

HyperWorks for Aerospace Webinar Series

Join us for two complimentary webinars in a new Aerospace series that includes all the latest functionalities of HyperWorks 14.0! Register now and learn more: July 26 at 10AM EDT: Model Build HyperMesh 14.0 enables Aerospace engineers to build models … Read More

Learning & Certification Program

Have you checked out our “Learning & Certification Program” already? It’s free and helps you to get started with CAE and HyperWorks. Visit http://certification.altairuniversity.com/ and become Altair University certified.  

HyperWorks 14.0 学生版概述

HyperWorks® ,The Platform for Innovation™,是建立在优化设计、性能数据管理和流程自动化 基础之上的创新平台。HyperWorks 是进行快速设计挖掘和制定决策的企业级仿真解决方案。 作为业界最全面的CAE 解决方案之一,HyperWorks 提供了一系列高度集成的先进工具,包括 建模、分析、优化、可视化、报告和性能数据管理。 HyperWorks 14.0 学生版可在个人计算机或笔记本电脑上实现所有功能。HperWorks 14.0 学 生版是基于HyperWorks Desktop,这款集成了建模和可视化的用户环境而推出的。它可用于有 限元前后处理和多体动力学仿真,同时管理和可视化仿真和试验数据。通过HyperWorks Desktop 的各种应用软件可以实现相互交互。例如,HyperMesh 和HyperView 之间的视图操作(旋转、 平移、缩放)可实现同步,HyperView、MediaView 和HyperGraph 之间的时程动画也可实现同步。 更多关于HyperWorks 14.0 学生版的信息,包括功能和局限性的描述如下:

Team Bath Racing is Driving Innovation

In July 2015, Team Bath Racing (TBR) achieved 4th place overall at the Formula Student competition hosted by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) at the Silverstone Circuit in England. Following their most successful race season in history, they ranked … Read More

10. Altair Anwendertreffen für Hochschulen

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, Sie sind herzlich eingeladen zum 10. Altair Anwendertreffen für Hochschulen am Montag, 07. März 2016 in Böblingen. Neben dem Vortragsprogramm und den Neuerungen in HyperWorks und FEKO Version 14 stellen wir Ihnen die neue Studentenversion … Read More

Optimize Your Design Process

Some things are more than the sum of their parts. In the complex world of engineering, simulation software closely coupled with optimization capabilities makes for a dynamic duo that radically redefines design workflows. When simulation and optimization are powered by … Read More