Teaching Simulation-Driven Innovation

To know how to evoke enthusiasm is the art of teaching

Henri-Frederic Amiel (1821-1881, Swiss author)

Even though it is difficult to keep up such teaching spirit all the time, isn't it a great way of looking at the very demanding task of educating students?

We do hope that the teaching material compiled herein will make your life as a teacher and instructor much easier.

The teaching material in short, consists of:

  • PPTs (for your presentations while teaching in the classroom)
  • Reading material (PDFs) for your students` self learning
  • Tutorials - Handouts (PDFs) for your students
  • Model Files to practise

... and is grouped in two categories named either Short Course .... or Detailed Course ...
However, you can "stretch" the short course easily to last 40 hours or more. It depends on your focus.

Short courses: Teaching material for design students

Detailed courses: More in-depth teaching material

You may also find the various projects depicted on Project Lab useful for yor class.

Please don't hesitate to contact altairuniversity@altair.com with questions and/or feedback regarding the teaching material.