To know how to evoke enthusiasm is the art of teaching
Henri-Frederic Amiel (1821-1881, Swiss author)

Evoking the enthusiasm of students can be considered as a challenge of its own. We believe that passion for teaching, ideally supplemented by the passion for the CAE suite employed for the CAE classes is the key.


The comprehensive HyperWorks CAE suite encompasses linear-nonlinear, implicit–and explicit Finite Element Analysis (FEM), Optimisation including composites, Multibody Dynamics (MBD), Electromagnetic (EM), and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation. Even though HyperWorks is an expert CAE simulation suite, it offers an unparalleled flexibility for Teaching.

HyperWorks enthuses the students with interest, excitement and relevance, changing from a blackboard teaching approach to industrial techniques and applications
Christophe Bastien, Coventry University, UK

HyperWorks is employed for undergraduate classes, for the education of Master Students or for the simulation challenges addressed in a Bachelor-, Master-, or Ph.D. thesis. Undergraduate students may benefit from what we call "BasicFEA", a simplified FEM process guide available in HyperMesh. This guide allows students to quickly set-up and run their first analysis without any time consuming introdution into the FEM system.

Some details describing „HyperWorks for Teaching“ are listed below.

  • The entire suite of HyperWorks (no limitations on model size)
  • Flexible license scheme
  • One license for teaching and non-commercial research i.e. Bachelor-, Master-, or Ph.D. thesis
  • License may be shared by other departments as well — without additonal costs
  • Highly discounted license fees
  • Free Student Version
  • A collection of learning material students should study before the first CAE class starts
  • Free access to the Learning Library - our repository of learning and teaching material filled up with numerous tutorials, projects, E-Learning videos and Webinar recordings
  • Teaching & Certification Program
  • Highly discounted seminars at Altair facilities and at your campus
  • User Meetings - the ideal platform for students to practice their presentation skill (Why not attending a User Meeting in course of an excursion?)
  • Altair‘s CAE Challenges & Awards
  • Sponsoring of Student Challenges
  • Moderated Support Forum - we help your students
  • Students train Students Initiative
  • Bachelor– and Master thesis in cooperation with Altair or with partner companies
  • Internships
  • Free licenses & trainings for teachers
  • and much more …

Contact the Academic Team & let us know your ideas and requests.

We appreciate your interest!

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