Teaching Licenses

On behalf of my class, I would like to thank Altair for your generous support to university learning.”
Dr. Wei Chen, Wilson-Cook Professor of Engineering Design, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Director of the Integrated DEsign Automation Laboratory (IDEAL)

Altair offers education licenses to universities at a significant discount from our standard commercial rates. These licenses may be used for classroom instruction, as well as non-funded academic research. An educational license agreement needs to be in place at an institution before any software licenses are granted. Regardless whether you‘re interested in a class room CAE license, a license for your cluster, a research licence or a student licence — at the bottom line we all want to have the licensing as simple as possible allowing to focus on the important tasks: Teaching and research. The patented licence scheme plus our engagement at universities are key differentiators to other CAE vendors. With Altair's patented units-based licensing system, universities can pool and centralize their software investment to maximize utilization and accessibility throughout the entire campus - delivering far greater value than traditional licensing programs.

Learn more about our partner solutions available with your educational (full-featured) license.

 Licensing System


  • Increases utilization of the software investment
  • Enables flexible, campus wide usage of Altair solutions
  • Helps reduce software costs
  • “Leveling” uniquely allows the user to run multiple applications concurrently without drawing more units – delivering more value over “Stacking” token models

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