Teaching Solved Model Files and Examples

These model files are available to use by faculty for teaching physics, analysis, statics and dynamics concepts for free, please use the form below to request for the model files (available for Faculty only)

The below list of model files are available to teach Statics concepts

We can simulate simple test coupon pulls (still in the linear range) and using the results demonstrate the relationship between longitudinal and transverse strain.

A plate of defined dimension has a constant temperature on each side of the place resulting on a temperature differential.  Student is to calculate the flux through the plate as a result of the differential and then model and simulate in SimSolid to compare the results.

Students will use their knowledge to do a MOJ analysis on a simple truss structure and calculate an FBD which will allow them to determine equivalent forces on the joints.  A static model will then be used to show that we can do the same thing in FEA.

A simple cantilever beam is a staple of engineering education.  Students are provided with formulae to compute the deformation of a cantilevered beam with a simple force on one end.  The student will calculate the deformation and compare it to the static model.