TechPassion presents VMAP

VMAP is a comprehensive software tool for vibration testing on real-world engineering systems that seamlessly connects virtual simulation and physical testing.

Vibration Measurement and Analysis Package (VMAP) represents the convergence of virtual prototyping and prototype testing. There are several parameters that cannot be modeled accurately in existing virtual prototyping tools and are dependent on experimental methods. VMAP bridges this gap between virtual prototyping and experimentation in product design cycle especially in the development of automotive, aerospace and energy systems. The system significantly improves productivity of product design teams by not only cutting costs and development time but also intangibles associated with inaccuracies in design.

VMAP is a versatile software platform powered by accurate and efficient algorithms, friendly user-interfaces, rich and fast graphics and supports industry-standard file formats.


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About TechPassion

TechPassion is an ISO Certified engineering Product Company building the next generation software tools used by product design teams in industries such as automotive, aerospace, energy, civil structures. The company was founded by professionals who graduated from Indian Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology and had vast industrial experience in companies such as GE.

From concept development to prototype testing, TechPassion provides end-to-end solutions. TechPassion excels in engineering simulation, product testing, virtual testing, vibration, fatigue, tribology, control systems design, electronics and embedded software.

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