TES International presents ElectroFLO

ElectroFlo Overview

ElectroFlo is a fully featured and efficient thermal analysis software that combines the power of coupled thermal/electrical analysis with the ease-of-use of an object oriented GUI to provide solutions to challenging problems facing today's electronics analysts and designers.

  • Uses an intuitive & full-featured GUI for quick and efficient modeling and advanced post-processing
  • Includes a fast and stable solver for performing thermal/CFD/electrical analysis of extremely complex models.

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About TES International

TES is committed to providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to our customers' most challenging Computer Aided Engineering problems. This is accomplished through the unique combination of theoretical, analytical and real-world expertise of our personnel. We offer thermal analysis software as well as thermal consulting services.

The goal of TES’s effort is to develop a software designed to be a complete thermal modeling and simulation environment that offers a variety of methodologies for modeling a variety of systems and components to employ the “right tool for the job” and avoid any unnecessary overhead as would be associated with a single modeling approach type analysis. The type of analysis allowed by this software facilitates a rapid and accurate optimization of the cooling system and its components. This minimizes the risk of field failures.