Altair HyperWorks at WHZ Zwickau with Ambassador Mathias Koelbel

At the "Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau", the Altair Ambassador Mathias Koelbel held two successful presentations on the "Optimization of Structural Parts and Crash Simulation with Altair HyperWorks". As a longtime member of the WHZ Racing Team, Mathias could show many interesting examples and real-life applications. The talk was integrated into the lectures in composite design of Prof. Klose and Lightweight Design of Prof. Fischer, more than 20 participants were thrilled by the shown examples and parts. The students were able to get a grip on a Crashbox, an optimized wheel-rim and some Composite test panels.

Following up on this initial presentation, Altair and Mathias Koelbel will organize a hands-on workshop with HyperWorks later that year, so that future students can bring their own projects and ideas to life.

Thank you Mathias for your outstanding commitment and also for sharing your slides and examples with us.