Simone Catalfamo (Altair Ambassador) trained delegates from Kazan University on HyperMesh, OptiStruct and HyperView

In his role as an Altair Ambassador Simone Catalfamo from the Institute for Internal Combustion Engines and Automotive Engineering (University Stuttgart // trained 7 members of the University of Kazan on HyperMesh, OptiStruct (mainly optimization) and HyperView during June 6-8, 2016.
The training started with short presentions by the students about their reserach & project work, respectively.

After this “warm-up” Simone took over and provided an comprehensive overview regarding:

  • Geometry editing and meshing with HyperMesh
  • Analysis set-up (OptiStruct)
  • Topology optimization
  • Topography optimization
  • FreeShape optimization

Overall, the training was very well received and ended most of the time late in evening. Thank you very much Simone for a very inspirational training!
Of course, food (and beer) was also important as you can see in the images below:
IMG_0042 IMG_0037