XLDyn is a user-friendly Model-Based Systems Engineering software for requirements and verification tracking, providing a wide range of verification options including simple cell equations, integrated simulation tools and test data.

XLDyn software is composed of two modules developed in Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framework. XLSE for authoring OMG SysML compliant system models and XL1D for authoring and simulating detailed 1D multi-physics systems models. XLDyn is the perfect tool for balancing designs at the system, subsystem and component level. XLDyn can be used in the development of virtually any product

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About XLDyn LLC

The XLDyn mission is to develop system engineering tools that are fully integrated with an intuitive and easy to use graphical interface. XLDyn provides integrated and easy to use MBSE (Model Based Systems Engineering) software for requirements and verification tracking. It has a wide range of functionality needed by Systems and Simulation Engineers and at the same time provides a “project view” capability that is ideal for managers and teams to keep abreast of project status. ​The XLDyn technology is covered by three approved U.S. Patents, plus one pending.